Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make

Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make

If you are on a budget and plans to decorate your home, look no further. You can use mason jar crafts to decorate your home. They are inexpensive. It offers all the glitter and joy to all the family members and guests. You can buy them in bulk to decorate the home for a wedding ceremony or college function.

Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make
Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make

The Best Mason Jar Crafts Ideas For Wedding

Mason Jar Crafts – LED Lights

You can create hanging mason jars with LED lights and attach them to the tree in front of a home. They can be filled with attractive colored glass pieces to make them more appealing. These lanterns are marvelous in a place where you celebrate wedding functions. 

Couple Names

You can decorate the mason jars with the names of the bride and bridegroom accompanied by an attractive background. It is a more appealing way to send the date and message to the guests at the country wedding. You can place them in the front location of the wedding hall.

Mini Jar Bar

Guests love booze at the wedding. You can create the mini jar bar with attractive labels to entertain the guests. It is better to attach the escort cards to the mason jars. They will not blow away in the air and allows the guests to enjoy drinking the whole night.

Number Jar

You can fill the mason jars with flowers and keep number labels on each. The numbered jars can be placed on each table in the wedding hall to give a perfect look. 

Dinner Table Decoration

You can create a romantic flavor to the dinner table with Mason jars filled with water and the floating candles. Twine can be arranged around the neck to give a rustic look.


The candlelit mason jars in the center and large jars with beautifully decorated flowers give an attractive, charming look at a table in the wedding hall.

Delicious Dessert

You can create a dessert jar at the wedding to enthrall the guests with mouthwatering and delicious desserts. 

Creative Mason Jar Crafts For Kids

Kids love attractively arranged gifts in their homes. You can create inexpensive gifts using Mason jars. 

  • You can create a mini Amazon forest with wild animals inside a mason jar for kids. Collect small animal toys like the horse, tiger, and a duck alongside the small tree plant and keep the jar upside-down. It is a marvelous gift for the kids in your home.
  • You need to place a design paper sheet on the table. Collect some different colored pencils and put them in a dried paint dip Mason jar. It is the best and attractive gift for your little ones. They love to take pencils and do homework.
  • Kids love flowers. You can decorate a Mason jar on the outside with yellow, blue and green color and place yellow flowers inside. This attractive jar can be kept in your kids’ room. 
Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make
Amazing Mason Jar Crafts You Can make

You can look for inexpensive Mason Jars for creative projects for your office and home at an online store. Mason jars are also available at local stores. 

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