The Top Arts And Crafts For Adults

Top Arts And Crafts For Adults

You would love to prepare original articles by recycling readily available products. You can do a lot of wall art, home decor, gift ideas, etc. using the things which we usually throw in the trash. These are very easy to make and give an emotional touch and warmth to your house. Let us see some of the best arts and crafts for adults.

Message Bottles: Arts And Crafts

Top Arts And Crafts For Adults
Top Arts And Crafts For Adults

Last year I had made an illuminated bottle light. It was awesome. My family liked it, that’s why this year I thought to make glittering message bottles for my loved once. You can use any old containers, jars, and bottles. I like bottles/containers of different sizes, so I used a variety of bottles of mixed drinks. It is very affordable and looks pretty good and cute.

Requirements For Message Bottle

  • Old clear bottles, jug, or containers, I have used a glass container.
  • Message blank cards
  • Ribbons
  • Glittering ball and some sparkles.
  • Glittering tiny lights
  • Scale, pencil, glue, and pen

Process Of Making Message Bottle

  • Remove all the labels form the container, better if you put the bottle in soapy water easily peel off the stickers.
  • Next, take a piece of paper, cut it in heart shape. You can also paste a heart-shaped sticker if you have any, but it should be removable or temporary.
  • Now, apply glue all around the bottle with a brush. Splash the glitters on it, make sure all gaps must be covered. Try to put sparkles very densely for including the small areas. Leave for one and a half hours. Once it is dried, remove the paper or sticker which you pasted in the beginning.
  • Take a colorful small piece of paper, and write a message for your loved ones. Fold the paper on a pen or pencil and knot it with a colorful woolen string. Try to make at least four to five such messages.
  • Next, put all the message letters inside the bottle, including some tiny pebbles and glittering balls.
  • Tie the container with a colorful ribbon and try to make a bow or rose design knot on top of the bottle. Cut out a heart shape paper and write the name of the person on it.

These DIY message bottles are perfect to gift to your loved ones on special occasions or moments. They are some elementary arts and crafts you can pursue at home anytime.

Best Arts And Crafts For Adults
Best Arts And Crafts For Adults

Flaunt Your Heels With A Silk Tie: Arts And Crafts

Good heels are a canvas to your standards and so why not flaunt with them? You can choose any odd, boring block heels or wedges to turn them into flaunting favorite ones.

Requirements For Decorating Heels

  • Heels with a removable strap
  • A piece of silk fabric of your favorite pattern or print.
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle + thread

Process Of Decorating Heels

  • The very first thing you have to keep in mind is that you must choose the heels which have a holding which holds the strap at the back of the heels and the strap is removable. Now, remove the old ankle strap from your heels.
  • Next, take a silk fabric of approximately one meter. Cover the heels with the cloth and paste it on the heels.
  • Next, make two bows from the remaining silk cloth. Paste the bows on each heel towards the outer side of your footwear.

There you go. Now, your old boring looking heels have an entirely new look.

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