Harry Potter Crafts- A Complete DIY Art

Harry Potter Crafts- A Complete DIY Art

Are you a harry potter fan? If yes, then you should not only show through appreciation but making harry potter crafts too. Nothing is better than a homemade inspired gift. You might have a burst passion for the series and lots of books occupy your room space. However, the wall can be adorned with pictures and prints of Hogwarts-gift; there should be a potter themed gift as well. This magical gift can be presented to your best friend at his birthday party if he too likes the artwork of J.K. Rowling’s most mystical success.

Harry Potter Crafts- A Complete DIY Art
Harry Potter Crafts- A Complete DIY Art

Top Harry Potter Crafts

Customized Marauder’s Map

A blackout on the internet occurred with the introduction of marauder’s map that creates magical routes. Using this theme, you can have a personalized original marauder’s plan that can be cherished by every HP fan.

Crochet Dobby Doll

Is dobby your favorite magical creature? In Potterhead’s heart, he holds a special place. However, weaving your own crochet dobby doll and placing it on the bed with patterns may be a soft, cue, and complete home décor.

“Happy Birthday” Cake

Is your friend or sister nerd and has a deep passion for HP? Then this might be the best gift kind you ever made with lots of love. Pick a meaningful cake form and try to decorate it lots of chocolate.

“The Grim” Mug

Want to tell you how unique your friend is for you who like HP the most? Just give him a mug printed with harry potter photo. He won’t forget you throughout his life.

Easiest Harry Potter Crafts

Cross Hogwarts Crest

You can add cross Hogwarts crest to your wall hangings, blankets or sweaters. Choose a sweater and add Hogwarts emblem via a stitching pattern. It’s the simplest and easiest DIY HP gift, and the results could be excellent.

Homemade HP Wand

Is your nephew’s birthday about to knock the doors? You can shock him with an exact replica of harry potter want without going for an expensive gift. One of the most significant craft for HP fan’s a homemade wand that is a fun and simple project and cost fractions.

Origami Howler

If you wish to make a last-minute or last moment harry potter gift for your friend whose birthday is to arrive a minute ago, you can try this. Instead of picking a boring happy birthday card, you can make an origami howler with yelling love messages. The art of origami is perfect and the simplest of all.

Harry Potter Crafts | Complete DIY Art
Harry Potter Crafts | Complete DIY Art

Flying Baby Mobile

If you are going for a baby shower, you can present a flying baby mobile themed gift. Since it’s a DIY, it can become a bookmark.

Monster Book

Potter land is something looking like the future in J.K Rowling’s book. The series presents a unique monster book for the Hogwarts students. Check out creating a monster book with a terrifying book look for an obsessed friend.

Weasley Christmas Sweater

Christmas is about to come plus the new year, you can surprise your family member who is a great HP fan with comfortable Weasley sweater. Look up the pattern on the internet and create an exact model on the sweater.

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