Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try

Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try

Macrame patterns are defined as the pattern made by tying a chord in a different type of knots. It is the most common DIY project which the people who like hand-made pieces use. Fewer supplies such as cords, scissors, tape, and glue are required to prepare a macrame pattern. It gained popularity due to its ability to make things easier by consuming less time. However, tying the knots to perfection is very tough even though it looks natural. The mistake in the previous knot would be visible after you have knitted some part and so it increases the efforts as it has to redo.

Macrame Patterns Essentials

Beginners should take the initial steps to understand the supplies and using the chord.

  • The first thing should be the use of chord. The length of the project should predict the length of the cord and the meters that would be consumed by the knot.
  • The other important part would be learning different kinds of knots. There are many knots, such as spiral stitch, square knot, larks head, and vertical larks crown, which should be determined.
  • The last thing would be the use of the final product. You should arrange a nail for hanging the product, or you could define an area for placing the product on the ground.
Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try
Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try

Basic Macrame Patterns

Some of the basic macrame patterns which are popular and used by many DIY artists are discussed here.

Plant Hanger Macrame Patterns

Macrame patterns could be used on top of the hanger, followed by an ugly chord and then the plant. Moreover, the loop for hanging would also be active; it would require the same cord. 

Wall Hanger

Different macrame knots can be used to decorate plain walls. Moreover, the macrame cord with a color contrasting the wall would highlight the design.

Laptop Mat

People who have to work on a laptop all day, need some decoration to motivate positive mood. So, a mat could be prepared by tying different types of macrame knots surrounding a bigger knot in the middle of the carpet.

Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try
Macrame Patterns Which Beginners Can Try


Girls find the best use of macrame, by using it to prepare necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. However, the weight of the chord should be kept in mind while designing an ornament with macrame.

Rope Lights

For tying bulbs and making people usually use light series wires. However, the cables right are covered by different macrame knots, to give the final macrame look to the light sequence.

Thus, macrame patterns could be used at many other places such as making top border, curtains, trivets, etc. However, people prefer to make small things, as it takes more effort to build a more significant piece. Moreover, a bigger part in one color would be annoying, and using two colors would complicate the making process. So, it is essential to fix the use of the macrame and then decide on the pattern which would suit the material. Also, macrame patterns would give a homely feeling to the place.

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