Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made

The creativity of knotting the ropes in a designed way to develop a boho-chic inspired hanger is known as a Macrame plant hanger. It has resurrected since the 1970s. Are you a plant lover? If yes, then you will love the hanger ways presented in this article displaying both outdoor and indoor hanger. Make your first Macrame Plant Hanger DIY without any worry even if it’s you are not from the field. Today, this post going to show you how to create some basic patterns and knots.

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made
Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY Types

Here are the basic knot types covered in the post

  • Half square knot/spiral knot
  • Square knot
  • Loop knot

Material Required

  • 2” brass ring
  • 2 set of 5 ft rope
  • 8 set of 15 ft long cotton cord of 3.1mm thickness

How To Create A Macrame Plant Hanger?

Please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Collect all the eight sets of cords and fold in half making a loop like a ring
  • Using 5 ft set of string, loop knot must be tied below the ring
  • Take a square tie knot and four strands. Continue it for six times
  • Repeat this pattern with four cords and let the remaining cables as it is.
  • Consent 2 ½ inches and a half square knot must be tied
  • Repeat it with 5-inch spiral created just now
  • Continue it with other knot groups
  • Crossover square knots is created leaving a gap of 6 inches using two cords from first and two from the second cord of adjacent group
  • Repeat the process with remaining knot groups
  • By cord, alternation creates a crossover square knot by leaving a 6-inch gap from the previous process.
  • Tie loop knots leaving 3 ½ inch gap
  • Trim the extra cord so as to make a tassel finish

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY Decoration

Now you have mold basic plant hanger, use these creative ways to decorate it

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made
Macrame Plant Hanger DIY: Easy Home Made

Dip-Dyed Plant Hanger

It’s a secure method to add splashed color to plant hook. Keep the dye solution for a more extended period so that a dark shade pops up.

Embroidered Plant Hanger

Another creative way of decorating the plant hanger is to wrap embroidery floss. It can be done in a custom design pattern with multiple colors. Colorful bands can be created to decorate plant hanger by wrapping floss until the desired length and finish takes place.

Macrame Plant Hanger Final Note

Want to start early with spring crafting as a macramé plant hanger? Try these decorative ways to color and give designing to the hanger. You can hang the plants around your balcony or inside the home. This simple and easy to make project adds greenery and fun to your space.

If you always have been a person who loves art and crafts, then you can make your DIY houseplant collection for horizontal spaces that contain the plant. The project requires no additional cost or effort and is a superb way to décor the indoor and outdoor space. Everything falls into place with practice, so don’t forget it.

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